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NameCristen L. Eustice


EducationCertified Exec Wine Sommelier

                    Certified Cicerone®


SchoolInternational Wine & Spirits Guild    
             Denver, CO


License: Wine Consulting, New Hampshire                  Liquor Commission




"Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized."


André Simon, "Commonsense of Wine"



Solera is a process for aging liquids such as wine, beer, vinegar, and brandy, by fractional blending in such a way that the finished product is a mixture of ages, with the average age gradually increasing as the process continues over many years. A solera is literally the set of barrels or other containers used in the process. Products which are often solera aged include Sherry, Madeira, Port wine, Marsala, Muscat, and Muscadelle wines; Balsamic, Commandaria, and Sherry vinegars; Spanish brandy; and rums.


No container is ever drained, so some of the earlier product always remains in each container. This remnant diminishes to a tiny level, but there can be significant traces of product much older than the average, depending on the transfer fraction. In theory, traces of the very first product placed in the solera may be present even after 50 or 100 cycles.


I believe my life has resulted in a Solera, of sorts.  Everything that I’ve learned over the years about food, cooking, wine, customer service, even manufacturing has been constantly mixed and blended over the years.  As no container is ever drained in a Solera, so it is with life’s experiences - no experience ever goes unused or discarded.  It simply mixes with the other experiences to refine who we are.

And, of course, vino is Italian for wine.  So SoleraVino is about taking the Solera of my life and focusing the continuously refined result into my love of wine and food and my desire to share that love with others.




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